Patrick Kasper


Windermere/Manito LLC

2829 South Grand Blvd, Ste 101

Spokane, WA 99203

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I’ve had the pleasure of calling Spokane my home for more than half of my life. I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful daughter, and a beautiful Boxer(dog). Boating, camping, snowboarding, wine tasting and music concerts are some of our favorite pastimes. I've had the privilege to enjoy all of these activities this wonderful area has to offer not only with my family, but also clients with whom I've forged personal relationships.
I am a strong believer that communication, integrity, humility, loyalty and hard work are the core elements to every successful relationship. I also believe that trust is something to be earned, not to be expected. My work ethic and genuine care for my clients speak to my character as a service professional. As a team, we will achieve your goals. Let’s talk soon!
“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do”